Exposing  your clients' files to unnecessary risk is not a best practice for your law firm.

Whether you are looking for a more cost-effective and secure way to work remotely, share data with other parties, or streamline the management of your case files, AXEL can help you implement best practices for the protection of these sensitive documents. Our easy-to-use suite of tools will facilitate the highest levels of data privacy and custody, while you focus on achieving the best  possible outcome for your clients.

The Data Security Issue

Cloud-based file storing and sharing services provide benefit by allowing convenient access to your data across multiple devices. Unfortunately, most of these services provide this benefit without ensuring adequate protection of this kinetic data. It is this lack of security that can put your firm's practice at a much higher risk of a security breach.

Duty to Your Clients

It is easy to forget that the information we handle in our professional lives often requires greater care. Email is a common way law offices communicate, collaborate, and share information in addition to their cloud-based services. These common practices result in the same file being duplicated across multiple locations and consequently, more risk to exposing sensitive information. 

Solution: AXEL Go

Don't neglect your duty to protect your clients’ confidential data by utilizing file management services that lack superior protection and privacy. AXEL Go is a file storage and sharing service in which data custody is paramount, while providing all the benefits and convenience of anywhere access. Our fast, private, and secure service allows you to zealously represent your clients with the peace of mind that their information is safe.

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Even More Benefits For Your Firm

For a limited time, we are giving away hundreds of our CloudLocker devices to those who qualify. The CloudLocker provides 270 GB of additional storage and all the same benefits of AXEL Go, plus more. Because the CloudLocker is a physical box that will sit in your office, you can have added peace of mind that the files you want to store and share on AXEL Go never leave your CloudLocker. This adds an additional layer of security and privacy to the already extensive suite that AXEL Go offers. The CloudLocker is easy to connect to any network (plug and play) and integrates seamlessly with your AXEL Go account.

To qualify, please fill out the information below and we will review your request to receive a free CloudLocker. If approved, we will contact you and arrange for the delivery of your CloudLocker.

If you would like to try out AXEL Go now, please visit https://www.axel.org/axel-go-new-axel-org-site/ to register for a free account.

Share With Confidence

AXEL Go gives you complete control. Set time limits or expirations on the files you share. Allow the recipient to download the shared file or make it view only. Share the wrong file or decide you would like to remove access to the file you shared? Simply disable the link to the shared file and it is no longer accessible.

The Power of IPFS

AXEL Go stores and shares data using the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) protocol. Any file stored or shared on AXEL Go is split into numerous “shards” or pieces. On top of that, any file shared is encrypted and sent across a decentralized network. AXEL does not hold your decryption key like other services, which means your data always remains yours. These three critical elements, in conjunction with each other, significantly reduces the risk of being hacked or information ending up in the wrong hands. 

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