Data Shards

Every time a user sends data via AXEL’s network, that data is split up into tiny pieces and scattered throughout hundreds of decentralized server nodes. This means that even if a hacker compromises a single node or small group, they still can’t access full files, keeping your data safe. This process keeps your data whole and useful for you, but fragmented and useless to cybercriminals.
A la Carte

AXEL Go uses military grade encryption and blockchain technology to protect your files from hacking and ransomware. This mobile, desktop or web app can be setup in minutes, with minimal training, and includes:

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The most private and secure way for colleagues, clients, friends, and family to collect, store or share files.

Access Controls

Have complete control and custody of your data by using AXEL Go's customizable security settings. Choose when your shared content will expire and whether or not the recipient can download the files. Sent to the wrong person? You no longer have to worry about confidential information being on someone else’s device indefinitely.

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AXEL Go makes file-storage and transfers more private and secure by combining blockchain technology, a distributed cloud, data sharding and military-grade encryption. 

Comply with legal and ethical obligations to protect data during in-office, hybrid or remote work situations.

Share large deposition videos or transfer eDiscovery data securely to other law firms or vendors.
Store highly confidential files safely as encrypted data shards where only you have the keys.

AXEL Go is affordable† and flexible. We don't require annual contracts or minimum seats. Sign up for your free trial today and when you're ready to subscribe, your 20% discount will be applied.

Click here to book a demo or email us anytime with any questions:
Click here to book a demo or email us anytime with any questions:

Discounted price of AXEL paid subscriptions start at $7.99 per month for Florida Bar Members. More savings if paid annually.


AXEL Go uses encryption to keep your data safe when you are sharing it. And this isn’t just some run-of-the-mill, cheap encryption technology. AXEL Go uses AES 256-bit encryption, the same encryption technology that the NSA uses with its top-secret information. The number of possible combinations to crack the algorithm is a 78-digit-long number, and it would take the world’s most powerful supercomputer billions of years to force its way through AXEL’s encryption.

Secure Fetch

1. Secure Fetch allows you to request files from others with optional metadata preservation. They don’t need an account to send files back and there are no file size limits.

Secure Storage  

2. Secure Storage allows you to encrypt and store sensitive files or backups in AXEL Go's vault. Only you can unlock, access and share your files from your vault.

Secure Sharing  

3. With Secure Sharing, you can send large files anytime, e-sign documents and set file expiration, viewing, and downloading permissions.

Overcome email size limits and quickly share any size file easily and securely from your inbox.

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